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How To Organize A Baby Shower

The arrival of a baby not only implies an immense joy for future parents, but also constitutes a great responsibility and a huge expense for the family economy. In this scenario, the Baby Shower is not only a meeting between friends to celebrate the pregnancy and the baby’s arrival, but also an opportunity to gather some of the necessary things for the little one.

This fashion, which comes directly from the United States, has already become very popular in Latin America and has now also landed in Spain. In most cases, it is the parents themselves who organize the celebration and, although it is an informal meeting, it requires at least a minimum of preparation.

Choose the most appropriate date

In general, most parents prefer to celebrate the Baby Shower in the last weeks of pregnancy, when the belly has already grown enough. However, it is not recommended to schedule it for the last weeks since the mother tends to feel more uncomfortable, the ideal is to celebrate this party during the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. However, there are also those who prefer to celebrate after the birth and take the opportunity to introduce the baby to friends and family.

Prepare the guest list

Once you’ve set the date, you should focus on the guest list. At this point you will have to decide if you want an intimate celebration, only for the closest family and friends, or if you prefer a larger party. You will also have to decide if you want a mixed Baby Shower, or only for women.

Make the invitations

One of the most beautiful baby shower traditions is to send an invitation to each person. In general, the invitation specifies the day, place and time of the Baby Shower. In this case, there are different options: you can send the classic invitations or bet on the electronic invitations.

In fact, there are online childcare stores that offer the possibility to choose between different invitation designs and send them directly to the respective emails. Although perhaps the most interesting thing about this option is that you can create an online gift list , in which each guest can delete the gift they have purchased. In this way you avoid duplicate or unnecessary gifts.

Choose a theme for the party

Selecting a theme for the Baby Shower is not essential, but it can be of great help since it acts as a common thread that will allow you to organize the party more easily, from invitations to buffet and reminders. The themes from which to choose are many, although there are also those who link the party to the gifts. For example, you can make a Baby Shower out of diapers or baby clothes, so that guests will also know what to buy.

Plan the buffet

Perhaps this is the most complicated part of the Baby Shower because in culinary matters, it is difficult to please everyone. The best choice is usually to prepare an informal and light buffet, which you can prepare yourself or with the help of a friend. However, there are also companies that offer catering services, a very convenient option if you want to amaze your guests with different dishes.

Think of fun activities

The Baby Shower should be fun, so it is convenient that you plan different games to entertain the guests. They can range from traditional guessing games, on topics related to the baby and pregnancy, to dance competitions if it is a mixed celebration or craft contests.

Prepare simple reminders

At any Baby Shower, the most exciting time is when everyone gathers around the parents to open the gifts. It is a very special occasion because it is time to thank all the guests for their participation and for the detail they have brought. However, reminders don’t have to be expensive, it can be a simple candy box.